Computational thinking and getting started with python


The word python – isn’t it scary? Does it bring the image of big reptile that we  prefer to see either in jungles or zoo? Well, it’s time change the image. Now on, you’ll remember word python for its playfulness and pleasant productivity. Confused ? Well, Don’t be – because, now on you’ll get introduced to a new programming language namely Python,’ which promises to make you a big programming fan.

Python programming language was developed by Guido van Rossum in february 1991. Python is based on or influenced with two programming languages :

  • ABC language, a teaching language created as a replacement of BASIC, and
  • Modula-3

Python is  an easy-to-learn yet powerful object oriented programming language. It is a very high level programming language yet as powerful as many other middle-level not so high-level languages like C, C++, java etc.

In this chapter, we shall introduce you to powerful world of piquant Python [Word’ piquant’ means pleasantly stimulating or exciting to the mind]. So, are we ready? And … here we go.

Before you begin your journey with Python, it is important to know what all it takes to develop ‘computational thinking’ ? This is because using any programming language, your device solutions for problems and to reach at effective solutions, Computational Thinking is required.

So, let us first talk about ‘Computational Thinking’ before starting with Python.

Note:- Do you know Python, the programming language, was named after famous BBC comedy show namely Monty Python’s Flying circus.


Computational thinking and getting started with python


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