Python Keywords and Identifiers


Keywords are the words that convey a special meaning to the language compiler\interpreter. These are reserved for special purpose and must not be used as normal identifier names.

Notes- A keyword is a word having special meaning reserved by programming language.

Python programming language contains the following keywords :



Identifiers are fundamental building blocks of a program and are used as the general terminology for the names given to different Parts of the programs viz. variables, objects, classes, functions , lists, dictionaries etc identifier forming rules of python being specified below :

-An identifier is an arbitrarily long sequence of letter and digits .

-The first character must be letter the underscore (_) counts as a letter.

-Upper and lower case letters are different. All characters are significant.

-The digits 0 through 9 can be part of the identifier except for the first                  character.

-Identifiers are unlimited in length . case is signification i.e. python is case sensitive as it treats upper and lower-case characters different.

-An identifier must not be a keyword of python.

-An identifier cannot contain any special character except for underscore (_).

Notes-Python is case sensitive as it treats upper and lower case characters differently.

The following are some valid identifiers:


The following are some invalid identifiers :

invalid indentifiers
invalid indentifiers




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