Working in Python


Before you start working in python, you need to install Python on your computers. There are multiple python distributions available today.

  • Default installation available from is called CPython installation and comes with Python interpreter, Python IDLE (Python GUI) and Pip (package installer).
  • There are many other Python distributions available these days. Anaconda python distribution is one such highly recommended distribution that comes preloaded with many packages and libraries (e.g., NumPy, SciPy, Panda libraries etc.)
  • Many popular IDEs are also available e.g., Spyder IDE, PyCharm IDE etc. Of these, Spyder IDE is already available as a part of Anaconda Python distribution.

To install any of these distributions, PLEASE REFER TO APPENDIX A. We shall learn to work with both these distribution types [but my personal favourite is Anaconda ;)- not the reptile, the Python distribution)]

Once you have Python installed on your computers, you are ready to work on it. You can work in Python in following different ways :

  1. in Interactive mode (also called Immediate Mode)
  2. in Script mode


Working in Python


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